Welcome to Shyira Diocese


Sonrise Boarding School: Our school which has the mission to provide the educational, physical and spiritual needs of the children that God has placed in our care, as well as offer a world-class education. Sonrise is one of the top schools in Rwanda, consistently placing in the top 5 schools by test scores on the National Exams, and sending its students to leading global universities.

Pre-schools: In order to offer young children a stable and loving environment, over 200 congregations in the Diocese offer pre-school to children 5 days a week, as there is no public pre-schools in Rwanda. This prevents the children from being strapped to their mother's back while she farms, or being cared for by barely older siblings. Instead, they begin building the base of an education, preparing for their future. Through a partnership with OneEgg, a nutritional initiative, 5 schools, or 500 children, receive one egg daily in order to combat protein malnutrition, or kwashiorkor.